Friday, 2 February 2018

Top Things to Know Before Visiting the Leicester Jubilee Square Ice Rink

One of the major attractions in Leicester during the winters is the Jubilee Square Ice Rink. Some of the most important things that you should know before you visit the Jubilee Square Ice Rink in the city of Leicester are –

Get Your Warm Clothes Before You Leave

In this festive winter season, the Jubilee Square Ice Rink is one of the favourite places of attraction of the not only the residents but also the people living in and around the city of Leicester. The first thing to remember before you leave for the rink is to get yourself wrapped in the warm clothes to face the intense cold of the winter season. Hats, scarves and the puffa jackets are the most recommended items.

Arrive Fifteen Minutes Earlier to Your Session

You should always target to reach Jubilee Square fifteen minutes before the time of your session. This will allow you some time for the collection of the tickets and get your ice skates on. During this festive winter season, there is a huge crowd at the ice rink, and hence it is always recommended to reach the venue well in advance.

Going to the Box Office for Buying Tickets

If you have bought your tickets online and have them printed with you beforehand, then it is fine otherwise you need to head to the box office for purchasing the same. You should be very well aware of the fact that in the festive winter season the tickets are sold out in advance, so it is recommended to buy the tickets in advance to get a confirmed booking.

Thick Shocks are Advised

You should make sure that before coming to the ice rink, you have brought with you an extra pair of shocks that are fluffy. This will ensure that your feet are nice and comfortable so that you can show off your skating skills.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

The Top 3 Canary Wharf Escorts

Canary Wharf is actually one of the richest and nicest places in London and so living here definitely isn’t cheap, this may be down to the fact that the attractions and sights here are insanely beautiful and there is so much money flowing through due to it being one of the major business districts, it is actually one of the two main financial centres in London. Canary Wharf is located in greater London and it brings a huge amount of tourism here due to its flawless buildings and scenery.

If you are not already aware, the weather forecast for the next week in Canary Wharf is looking very average with bits of sunshine and temperatures reaching as high as 9 degrees so you may get chance to be outdoors. You could be sitting outside at a restaurant enjoying your favourite steak and washing it down with a luxurious glass of rose wine, but of course, you probably don’t want to dine alone?

Well, Mayfair Models can provide you with an answer to that one of course as we have a selection of beautiful and indulgent Canary Wharf escorts for you to choose from. You could take one of our finest girls out on a date allowing you to be comfortable and get to know your escort before you eventually go back to have some quiet time alone. If you are thinking where could I possibly take one of these gleaming girls out to eat then we can also help you out with that one.

Our number one recommendation would be that you take a trip to ‘Goodman’ located in Discovery Dock East, 3 South Quay, E14 9RU. We believe it is the finest steakhouse in all of Canary Wharf. The steaks here are so delicious and tender that it is literally heaven in your mouth. You may be looking for an expensive meal for two but you most certainly get what you paid for as the food is simply incredible. If you want to finish the night off in class and luxury you could even book a room for you and your escort at the Hilton hotel located south quay, Marsh Wall, E14 9SH. You could spend the rest of the evening in the lavishness executive lounge having a lovely drink with your Canary Wharf escort before making tracks to your hotel room where the rest is up to you both.

We are feeling generous today and we will recommend you our top 3 Canary Wharf escorts from Mayfair Models:

So in no particular order, we have…

This girl really fits the part well and her attraction level is insane! This beautiful blonde escort hits all the right notes and you will be in for a wild and exciting night with Annabelle.

Annabelle has petite and young body with a great set of long and desirable legs and a perfect 34C bust size, she has brown eyes and a cute size 8 dress size, she is an intelligent and flirty girl and you won’t be disappointed when booking Annabelle.

Next up we have…

Lindsey is such a charmer and a real sweet and beautiful girl and when she arrives at your door you will be glad you booked this hot babe. Lindsey has a slim size 6 figure and stands at just 5ft 1. She has a 34B bust and she is just 18 years of age making her one of the younger ladies at Mayfair Models agency.

Lindsey is a friendly, professional and flirtatious escort and you won’t be wanting her to leave anytime soon…

So last but not least we have…

Adele is a girl to admire and treasure as there really isn’t many women around who are like this gorgeous babe. Adele is a kind, loving and witty lady and she doesn’t struggle to hold a conversation. This bubbly babe has all the right attributes to please any man with her long, slim legs and 32B bust size and size 8 dress size.

We recommend Adele to the new and experienced punters and no matter what the occasion maybe you will be glad you booked her.

With the final Canary Wharf escort ticked of the list that is us done for the day! We hope you enjoyed our latest post and as always we thank you for sticking by and supporting our blog.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Splurge on Orgasms

If there is one thing you definitely should always splurge on it is yourself and if there is one thing you should always definitely splurge on it is your orgasms. Yes, you should spend every penny you can allow yourself on better, longer lasting, more satisfying and exhilarating orgasms. This is not an invitation to do something crazy like hire a prostitute for the evening but more a reminder that spending money on your sexual desires is just as logical as buying a new pair of sunglasses or a new frock. There is no point on continuing to ignore the fact that our sexual needs need to be met and they need to be met well. So whatever it is that you have in mind to spend on then do it. Perhaps it’s something as simple as cute lingerie or even a new lubricant or a fancy new vibrator. If you truly think you need it and it’ll bring you joy then why not? Why are you not allowing yourself to enjoy the amazing feeling that is to have an orgasm that truly takes your breath away?

If you’re having issues with it all and don’t know where to start we say go big and get a sultry tantric massage London. These massages geared toward both men and women are where some of the best orgasms can come from. The reason is simple: Tantric massages are the art of getting people to the ultimate form of orgasm, the full body orgasms. More than a purely sexual sensation these orgasms are a spiritual and emotional experience as well. Whether you can orgasms during the massage or not is not the main point but if you do you are welcomed to, still the point here is learning how to control your sensual energy and learning how and when to let it go correctly. You’ll have a wonderful experience and even if you don’t get an orgasm out of it then you’ll definitely get enough tips and tricks and ideas off how to make that happen later on. So go ahead and splurge, orgasms are always worth it. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2016

A Perfect Day in Tamworth

Tamworth is a large market town northwest Birmingham city and will bring you a great time outdoors from the theme park to the castle and the town centre with has a resemblance of an old fashion town, this is a great place where you can have a great weekend and at the same time discover another town in England with great historic relevance.

One of the major attractions in Tamworth is the castle, the structure was fist built in 913, at that time was a fortification type of building and in 1080s, the castle was built by the Norman invaders since them this castle has been passing through kings and whoever was in charge of the town, today it holds of the best historic places in Tamworth.

Tamworth is also known for Drayton Manor theme park, this is one of the best in the area, Drayton Manor theme park is a great place for youngsters and brings many people all year around to this beautiful town, this park has a wide selection of activities for you, from events to rides, zoo and the new addition Thomas land. This is a perfect place for you to have a perfect day out.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

History of the Bridgewater Canal

The onset of the industrial revolution saw the creation of new ways to transport goods in large quantities economically, swiftly and safely. Before the railways were the canals. One of the first was the Bridgewater canal which ran from Worsley to the industrial hub of Manchester

The canal was commissioned and owned by Francis Egerton, the third Duke of Bridgewater who owned coal mines in Worsley and was desperately in need of a new form of transportation that could cope with the demand for the large quantities of coal that were needed by the factories of Manchester.

Bridgewater Canal

The Bridgewater canal was a pioneer of its time when it opened in July 1761, and set the standard for all those followed. It was the first man made waterway be built without following an existing watercourse and marked the birth of the short but glorious golden reign of the canal which ran from 1760 to 1830, when the speed of the railways rendered the canals a beautiful relic of the industrial age that we still enjoy to today.

Francis Edgerton was a well-traveled young man and spent his youth touring Europe and taking in all it had to offer. In Europe canals were already a widely used form of transport and he was inspired by their use. Upon his return when he was only twenty-three years’ old he presented his bill of intention.

With this new mode of transport came the promise to reduce the price of the transportation of coal. A factor which resulted in the canal gaining huge support from the traders of Manchester and Salford. As the first waterway of its kind in Britain a team of engineers who specialized in working with water were brought together to oversee the creation of the canal.

Photograph of the Bridgewater Canal

James Brindley, a renowned engineer was the lead engineer and its success is thanks to his visionary talents. After many proposed routes which were deemed inviable the final route included the canal crossing the river Irwell via a stone aqueduct.

When putting his proposal to parliament he demonstrated his ideas by making an Aqueduct from a model he made out of cheese. It was given the go ahead but ridiculed by many, many who eventually had to eat their words when it indeed succeeded and became a renowned engineering feat.

From the outset the Bridgewater canal was a huge success, it vastly improved the rate of production in Manchester’s factories thanks to the swift delivery of coal and other essential goods and its banks became a new hub of activity. New warehouses, brick kilns and lime kilns were built on its banks to take full advantage, and it was not long before work began to extend the canal and the building commenced of other canals around the country.

See more information about the Bridgewater Canal on their official homepage, here.

Visit the Bridgewater canal with Busty Manchester companions

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An image of the beautiful Escort Amy from Dior Escorts.
Amy - Dior Escorts
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Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Beginners Guide to Escorting in London

secrets abree
Abree from Secrets London
If you’re looking to book an escort in London there are a few things you need to know. This industry might seem like a simple, effortless way to meet jaw-droppingly beautiful ladies who are everything you could ever imagine in a woman, which it is, provided you’ve done your research and understand what you’re agreeing to and what you can and can’t expect from your booking. This is why I am writing this article to ensure that any first time punters can understand exactly what’s going on and what to expect on your first exquisite escort encounter with one of London’s majestic seductresses.

Be Comfortable and Natural

First of all, you need to be sure that you can feel comfortable around a woman you’ve never met, which starts with understanding that your escorting experience and all of your details will never be discussed by your escort once your booking is over. Escorts understand that your privacy and discretion are absolutely vital and as such they will never decide to call your wife or tell the papers about what went on or anything of the sort. You can always feel that your secret is safe and this is especially the case when you book with a reputable agency such as Secrets London or Crush Escorts, although there are several others which can provide a more than adequate service while you have the guarantee that nothing that happens in the booking will be discussed elsewhere.

You Will Need to Pay Within the First 10 Minutes

You will be expected to pay for your booking in full and most likely in cash within the first 10 minutes of your encounter, so don’t be offended if you’re asked to pay the moment your escort walks through the door of your hotel room as this is a standard procedure. You must also be aware, however, that just because you are paying for the time you’re going to be spending with your companion doesn’t mean that she has to stay there. Provided you’re polite, well-groomed and you’ve put in the effort to make sure that you’re clean and presentable though, you shouldn’t have any problems.

With this knowledge and a bit of common sense, you can feel confident going into your first booking that you’re going to have a great first experience with one of London’s most magnificent companions.

Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Royal Scandals

For a city that’s known for breaking the rules over and over, along with producing some of music’s
most intriguing and controversial figures London is still seen as the capitol of the posh and elite. Of course there’s the royal family in part to take for that but then again the royals have had their fair share of rebellious members. Oh yes, even Britain’s first family isn’t immune to scandal and, in fact, they are notorious for them. One would say that London is more or less the home of rebels than the home of the posh and snobbish. And here to prove that point are some of the most scandalous royals in the U.K.’s history.

Prince Charles cheats on his wife: Many of us will remember the infamous pictures of Camilla and Charles caught in a rather compromising position while they were both still married to other people. This scandal was made worse by the fact that everyone loved the Prince’s then wife, Princess Diana (Later Lady Diana).

Princess Margaret’s affairs: oh yes the brits do love their love affairs and the Queen’s sister is at the center of so many. First she wanted to marry someone once divorced and old enough to be her father (fine, he was only 16 years older than her) and then went on to marry a photographer with no royal background whom she cheated on and later divorced….

Prince Harry thinks it’s funny to dress up as a Nazi. This needs no explanation other than a huge ‘yikes!’ and a picture the royal family wishes they could delete from all of our memories.

King Edward gives it all up for love: Of course it seems the royal family has an affinity for divorcing (it was, after all something the church of England was made for) and for divorcees. The King fell in love (much before he became King) with a twice divorced American woman named Wallis Simpson and since the Royal family would have none of this nonsense the King abdicated and Prince Albert went on to rule the country.

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