Friday, 10 January 2014

Adult entertainment like never before

If you asked me what a shemale escorts was three years ago i could tell you. This is probably not the best way to open up an article on the subject but, I think that over the time I have gain enough knowledge through experience so yes, you could say that my opinion does carry a little weight but, really I just want to you enjoy some images from the famous London Lady Boys website.

If you live out side London then the chances are that you have not heard about their escort services but, I you have I am not surprise as they are one of the leading places to book shemale escorts from.

Back to how I know about shemales. Firstly I was pretty young when i got into the industry of building websites and a market which always seems to be good is shemale escorts. The most popular city in the for these types of services is the city of London which is quite fortunate for me because that is where I live.

This allowed me to get personal with clients and find out what made the industry tick. After working on the websites for a while I came to the conclusion that everyone was talking about one website and that is the London lady boys. So as tribute to the website own and of course the beautiful ladies i have formulated some pictures for you!

Can you believe that this feminine goddess is really a male? I can not.

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