Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Get Your Own Way

One thing I always seem to hear about from the female sector of my friends is how they never seem to get their own way. Women feel that men always get to do what they like and their girlfriends must simply follow along for the ride. The one time they do get their own way they are made to feel like it is a favour to them and that they must repay the favour at a later date. I was thinking about this and then thought I would see if I could find some simple solutions that all women could use to feel a bit more empowered in their relationships. With a little advice from my friends at Carmens Secrets who are the best agency for beautiful London escorts I was able to come up with a couple of tips that may help you feel a little happier next time watching the football or going to the lads pub is suggested.

Offer to do things he wants to do.

If you are going to submit and allow your boyfriend to do what they want to do then why not make it your suggestion. This way you can guide them to things that you quite enjoy yourself. Dining out is a classic activity that can be turned in your favour. If you want to be taken for dinner then why not recommend somewhere he enjoys going and in the process you will get your own way and he won't even realise as it seems like he is doing something that he enjoys. So instead of a pizza or pub lunch recommend his favourite classy restaurant and be treated to a night of fine dining.

Break the Routine.

Trying something new seemed to be one of the most popular recommendations I could find when I was researching for this article. It seems that going somewhere new or trying something new is one of the top experiences that couples enjoy together. Don't worry about the chores or what is to be done, just break out of the mundane and experience an event or place that you would not normally go to. The element of surprise is also half the fun. Don't arrange the date just surprise your man one day.

A Compromise.

One great idea that I found was that a lot of women get their own way by playing the game. Stop fighting against what your partner wants to do. If he is wanting to go to the pub in the afternoon to watch the football, let him, but arrange a meal or to meet your friends shortly after the football finishes. That way you can collect him so that he is not delayed on his way home and he will know that he can have it his way but must then come with you for the evening. This way you both win and resentment is a forgotten memory.


This is probably the oldest trick in the book. The main power that a woman has over a man is the sensual advances of her body. If you are dying to go the cinema, out for dinner or just to get him to do some chores offer rewards that will entice and vindicate his enthusiasm for the job. Simple and effective. Offer a little extra than you would usually and watch the speed at which you will get your own way. We should note though get your way first as men have a sneaky habit of going to sleep and doing nothing after sex.

I hope that a few of these tips will help to empower you in your relationship and help you to feel like you are able to do what you like with your partner.

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