Wednesday, 8 January 2014

How London Makes its money

London attracts millions upon millions of tourists each year from all over the world and indeed all over the UK. It is a place of rich historical ancestry which attracts many people who wish to see such iconic landmarks as big Ben and the houses of parliament and although this is just a significant as ever, the increase in volume of tourism has been due to a slightly different factor. London has excelled in catering for all of the tourism markets and has a wealth of dining, entertainment and business facilities so that they can compete on all fronts. It is also widely agreed that London has the most vibrant night life anywhere in the UK, which is down to abundance of: bars, nightclubs and London escort agencies.

When most people think of London they think of her majesty the queen, red phone boxes and black cabs, and although many of these still have a place in the modern London, you get the impression that they are their for the tourists, in essence give the people what they want. This is also very much the case with the darker, evening London which runs parallel and often unnoticed to the shops and restaurants. What you have to understand is that, if something as disapproved of as a London escort agency is well established and generating money and tourism then in the eyes of the law so be it. Every country turns a blind eye in favour of profit, it is the case with Las Vegas, Monte Carlo, Amsterdam and now London, all you have to do is open your eyes.

The number of London escort agencies is already well into the thousands with more being established each day. The reason for this is because of the sheer demand, not just from Londoners, but from across Europe and even spreading to America and the middle east. In a society of dwindling trades and exports, London escorts remain as in demand as ever, preferred because of their natural beauty, intelligence and sophistication. These exclusive London escorts also go hand in hand with the numerous facilities perfectly suited to enrich the company of your beautiful London escorts, like fantastic Michelin star restaurants, excellent bars and a number of theatres and museums. Perhaps you want to see what all the talk is about and what better agency to pick up an escort from other than London Escorts GB. So it really is no surprise that when the amount of businessmen visit London they are inclined to be accompanied by such beautiful companions.

So the question isn't really whether do we want industries such as a London escort agency in our society, the question is how much do we rely on them as integral part of our current economy. I'm sure any politician would strongly deny their significance however would not carry out any actions in an attempt to eradicate such agencies as they understand the importance of catering for all people visiting the city. So if this article as opened your eyes to the mostly hidden underbelly of our capital, why not experience such things for yourself and understand their great demand, with such density of competition it has lead to one of the most healthy and versatile industries anywhere in the world.

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