Thursday, 30 January 2014

Weekend Getaway in Bournemouth

Are you in desperate need of a holiday, or a long weekend away the obvious choice is to travel down south with the South of England have on average the hottest weather in England and some incredible scenery and fantastic landscapes. The misconception is that it is only a summer destination although this is a false conception and it provides an excellent tourist destination all year round for everyone in the family.

Not the sole reason for visiting Bournemouth, but certainly a contributing factor is its stunning beach although in its prime during the height of the summer, on a clear day it make for a fantastic walk. Standing at Hengistbury head offers awe inspiring panoramic views of the coat, the isle of Wight and right the way over to Swanage and Pool. This is a must do walk when in Bournemouth, regardless of season or weather and why not put the icing on the cake and enjoy it with a beautiful Hardys Angels Bournemouth escort.

If tranquil scenery is your thing then you have to check out the Lower Gardens on Exeter Crescent in Bournemouth. This beautiful wooded area is home to millions of plants and trees providing beautiful scenery in any month of the year. It also leads right down to the beach and has a stream running through the middle. you could not ask for a finer place to enjoy a romantic stroll with your Bournemouth escort. Or why not pay a visit to New Forest just 20 minutes drive from the town center which is one of the few places in the country you find and abundance of wild deer, ponies and pigs and is so mesmerizing to see them thrive in the wild. A truly mesmeric moment to enjoy with your beautiful Bournemouth escorts.

There is only one better way to enjoy the beautiful Bournemouth scenery and that is from above so why not enjoy one of the most romantic experiences of your life and enjoy a bottle of wine in the Bournemouth balloon overlooking the golden Bournemouth coast. To top of your magical day together with your Bournemouth escort, why not stay at the most luxurious hotels outside of London. The Best Western Connaught Hotel on West Hill Road Hill road BH2 5PH. The hotel is as you would expect very clean and well kept and not to mention stunning views overlooking the Bournemouth beach and the gardens.

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