Wednesday, 5 March 2014

25 Years of World Wide Web

It is 25 years next week since the conception of the World Wide Web as we know and use it today. This is not to be confused with the network that it uses which is the internet but more the platform that was created to allow us to access files on other computers and servers through the use of links. This revolutionary advance in the way we used computers was originally conceived by scientists looking to be able to access theories and work from other scientists with more ease, but has grown to be one of the most significant advancements in computer technology in recent memory.

In modern society there are very few businesses that do not have a presence online. If they do not have a website then they will most certainly have a Facebook or a Twitter to work with. This has meant that many people that could not normally afford a premises can set up a business online and flourish. It has revolutionised the way we see business and with the creation of Google marketing became a whole different creature.

The adult industry has been a huge benefactor of the internet and with porn websites in abundance on the internet you can obviously see that the market is ever growing and expanding. Escort agencies have long left behind advertising in papers and in telephone booths of cities and have created online brands to rival that of major corporations. There is much to be said for the branding and promotion of a website and the image that this portrays to the outside world. Agencies such as Courtisane have taken a theme and created something that can be recognised as an empire of an online business. This is down to branding and recognition.  Being found on the front page for an array of keywords and becoming synonymous with the booking of escorts in London. This modern way of marketing your business has led to the creation of thousands, if not millions, of jobs and means that the little man can get ahead. We may no longer be in the same dot com bubble that we once were but one thing is for sure, Sir Tim Berners-Lee (inventor of WorldWideWeb ) could not have conceived how popular, vast and integral his invention would one day be to the world.

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