Tuesday, 25 March 2014

london and escorts

The centre of London is always regarded as Charing Cross, this is located on the Strand towards Trafalgar Square, Charing Cross is the place that they are talking about when you see a sign on a motorway that says “London XXX miles”. It was once the home to the equestrian centre of King Charles 1 and it takes it name from being the old “ hamlet of Charing”, times have changed a great deal since then and it is one of the busiest parts of Central London, the train station is not just home to the over ground railway but also the underground. Charing Cross is a very easy place to get to and from so each day you will see many of our Central London Escorts using the station to get to and from bookings which take place outside of London. Of course most of our bookings take place in Central London but because our lovely girls also serve the main London airports, Heathrow, Gatwick and Stansted they do clock up the miles. For travelling outside of London most of our girls use the train but if you are landing at one of the airports and would like transport into London we can arrange this for you at the drop of a hat. What better way is there to arriving at a airport, being picked up by a chauffeur driven car with a beautiful women in the back seat who is there to relax and unwind you? Of course you could just be staying at a hotel close to one of the airports for a layover, in which case you are highly advised to use the services of a Central London escort agency rather than what is on offer locally, as the further outside of London you go the more that standards slip.

There are lots and lots of escort agencies in Central London
but when choosing one you want to go with a high profile one, by doing this you are sure of getting yourself a good girl, many escort agencies advertise the fact they have genuine girls and the girl that you see is the girl whom you will meet. In most cases’ this is not the point and if the escort agency you have used cannot supply the correct girl how could you expect them to arrange something like a chauffeur driven service.

The current trend when chauffeuring is to use 4x4s they are a lot more spacious than even the biggest car and most come fully equipped with all the latest gadgets, TVs, surround sound of course leather interior in a car is a must. Hot sexy Escorts have a great selection of cars at our disposal and all our drivers are friendly, polite and each has a vast knowledge of London

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