Thursday, 29 May 2014

Everyone can feel superior with an independent escort

Is there a desire for people to want to feel like a superior right? There are many ways to feel better about yourself in the short term and one of those many ways is to date an Asian woman. Of course this is not something you can do all of the time and it may seem quite a drastic decision but hear me out as Asian ladies are often very decisive about whom they date which is a great indication of an enjoyable night. Basically real life is not like Hollywood and you do not always get a great chance to date a beautiful, classy and Asian woman... There is hope however...

This is London Mistress Gigi and she offers Independent Asian escort London services.
London Mistress Gigi
This hope comes in the form of an Independent Asian escort London service. The young ladies tend to work for escort agencies because they want as many bookings possible which is great but, a superior gentleman like yourself wants a woman who can be mutual and caring. When I mention mutual I mean that she is someone who can have a conversation on the same level and has empathy but with this compassionate side she can give you something which is soaked in understanding and care, this is an attribute that I value highly because it offers you more than a hollow sex call.

a list of attributes I look for in an Escort:

  1. Compassion.
  2. Appearance. (How they dress and hold themselves.)
  3. Uniqueness.
  4. Adaptability.

My Mayfair Affair

I live in Mayfair and a lady that I have been liaising with is called Samantha. She is one of the escorts in the area who provides a unique Independent escort service for me each and every time we meet up. I love the places we go on our adventures as Mayfair is filled with hidden gems all over the area, one of them is in this article I found when researching places to go named "The 15 Best Places for Hidden Spots in London", but I'm not revealing which one it is as I would prefer to keep it mine and Gigi's little secret.

My previous experiences with Asian escorts

An Asian escort will meet a lot less men because she will take the full amount of money from a booking which tends to be a lot, maybe it's a cultural factor or its just the way it is but either way Gigi does make a lot of money from her Independent Asian escort London services in Mayfair and rightly so as I can't fault her service it's great! I really like spending time with this woman as she offers me something the other Independents could not which is why I will continue to look forward to our future encounters.

My main conclusion from all of this is it worth it to branch out and try something new, who knows maybe you'll find someone like London Mistress Gigi or learn something new about yourself. I'm always on the look for other Independent Escort London services and I will continue to share my experiences with you all.

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