Tuesday, 27 October 2015

ME Hotel London

The ME Hotel in London is a very special place to be, this hotel has such a great deal to offer. Here you will discover some information about this incredible hotel and why it is such an outstanding hotel in London. This top London hotel is worth the visit if you are looking for an exquisite stay in London in a beautiful and stylish hotel.

This hotel is very stylish and modern which gives a luxury feel from the moment you walk in. The luxuries of this hotel include amazing service by their incredible staff who help to provide the whole experience that is worth coming back for more. This hotel fits any occasion you may have but if you are looking for a stay in luxury with an International Bunnies escort by your side to spend some quality time with you will be most impressed. International Bunnies are home to the most amazing selection of sexy high class Londonescorts that you can book at just a moment’s notice. Having a high class escort by your side in such a luxury hotel will lead to an exquisite experience, especially with the escorts from International Bunnies.

You and your high class escort will have the chance to enjoy ME London’s spectacular rooftop bar for an evening to remember. You and your International Bunnies escort will adore the atmosphere at this amazing roof top bar as it is the perfect place to get to know someone in a social drinking atmosphere. The location of this hotel is fantastic as it has many places where you can go to during your day when you are not in the hotel. Some examples would be you could go shopping in London as ME London is nearby to many shops that you can spend hours looking through, there is also a great deal of cafes, bars and restaurants that are also worth the visit that are excellent when looking to spend some time in London. 

Wednesday, 30 September 2015

A Night With South Kensington Escorts

Last week I went to London for my best friend`s wedding. I stayed in the best hotel, The Bulgari Hotel -Bulgari Hotels London - 171 Knightsbridge, London SW7 1DW, where we had the most amazing bachelor party.

After we had a crazy night out and after having a lot of drinks, ambience and my mates we went back to our great suite and we thought it would be a great idea to call some South Kensington escorts. So we had a look on Google and we found - Crush Escorts - which was a London escort agency with a lot of gorgeous girls.

An image of the Hotel in Chelsea, Chelsea Cloisters.
Chelsea Cloisters

South Kensington hotel Striptease

So the receptionist Carla recommended us 3-4 girls who lived all together in South Kensington in Chelsea Cloisters - Sloane Avenue, Chelsea, London SW3 3DW - the girls came to our suite right on time and they were all looking amazing. We received a nice striptease ambience got very wild, after 1 hour of fun we decided to keep the girls for 3 hours more and it was the best bachelor party I have ever been to and both the girls and the hotel were fantastic. 

I will be booking from Crush again and to anyone looking for an agency, these are certainly recommended.

Tuesday, 15 September 2015

A Reliable Paddington Escorts Service

Last week I went to London together with my cousin. We are from Malaysia and we always  have a lot of business meetings in central London. We always take the best suite we can find in the Mayfair hotel - www.themayfairhotel.co.uk - where we are very well taken care of there and we always order wine , champagne , whisky , food and we organize great parties and of course you can`t have a nice party without girls which for that we always call CRUSH escorts - escorts Paddington - and the lovely Carla the receptionist makes sure that we get the best escorts in London .

This time we had big parties 2 night in the row . So on Tuesday we called Monika , Raisa and Adelle and we invited them to our hotel . All 3 of them lived in Paddington so they came together with the same cab . We had a lot of drinks and some great sex and after we took them out to Novikov - www.novikovrestaurant.co.uk - for a fantastic Italian dinner and after that we went back to our suite for some more crazy fun . All three girls looked stunning and they were very well dressed and well spoken . We were proud to go out with such beautiful ladies and the next day we started all over again but with other 3 girls from the same agency. Great week.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Why have a London tantric Massage

There are many countless reasons for you to get a London tantric massage, some being much more obvious that others. It is a hugely successful and significant industry in London and contributes tremendously to the overall economy of London. But the initial concept of being someone's guilty pleasure only goes some way into explaining the overall success of London tantric massage parlors and their increasingly expanding client base. In this blog we will look at some of the main reasons behind this.

The initial reason that one would want to experience a tantric massage London is because of its
most famous attribute. Enjoy a sensual and erotic massage by a beautiful woman is always going to be an attractive prospect, regardless of where you are and what generation you are born in. However only once you have experienced your first tantric massage, can you fully appreciate the multiple benefits that come with receiving a tantric massage that provide multipe physical and psychological health benefits.

Lets start with looking at the physical benefits of receiving a tantric massage. Deep tissue massage is a technique that is commonly used by that tantric therapists at guilty pleasures. This is the one that is mostly correlated with multiple health benefits. This technique is used to apply pressure deep into the muscle fibers that can help remove knots and relieve pain in muscular problems. Massages are now being used as part of long term recovery plans as a natural and effective way of developing and relieving damaged muscles.

Another of the major reasons that someone may want a tantric massage are the many psychological benefits that are almost limitless. If you have experienced a tantric massage or seen someone that has just finished a session you will be hard pushed to find someone more content and happy. That is because when you experience an erotic massage the brain releases a whole host of hormones that directly affect our body and the way we feel, such as testosterone, adrenaline and dopamine and serotonin a.k.a. the body's natural happiness drug. When humans make physical contact with one another it triggers something primeval in our genetic makeup that makes us feel relaxed, happy and rejuvenated, with a more optimistic and enthusiastic outlook life. So if you feel that this is exactly what your life needs, simply visit this well renowned London tantric massage parlor to book an appointment with one of their skilled and knowledgeable tantric therapists.

Tuesday, 26 May 2015

3 Things to help find the perfect companion

Lately me and a friend of mine have been discussing what makes a good agency and we came up with a list of 3 things which we figured are the best. These things are personally what me and a friend think and are completely up for discussion. If you think anything else should be added or one of the points that I have made should be removed then message me your opinion and I will take it into discussion. Now for this you can call case study I took all of my requirements and put them to use somewhere out of my comfort zone.

I live in the UK but I wanted to see if all of the points I put across can translate to different places around the world. So I decided I was going to try and find the perfect agency in Ibiza. This is plainly down to the fact I was about to take a holiday there.

So the three points that I look for an agency are simple, the first thing I look for in an agency is simply good looking companions. Now this is pretty self-explanatory and many people look for this when booking a companion as the whole point of booking an escort is to spend an amazing evening with a stunning women. Now an agency has to be able to provide me with not only stunning companions but ones who are go the extra mile. Its fine to look stunning but I prefer a women to not just simply look amazing but go the extra mile to make sure to looks better.

The next point we came up with is that a companion must have some good reviews. Now this one may seem a little weird to you but to me it makes perfect sense, basically if I am going to spend however much it is to spend an hour with one of these companions then I want to be able to know she is worth it. There is no other way than simply checking out some of the reviews that have been left as these are a basically a honest none bias description of what the companion is like. So if I am going to book a companion then she better have some good reviews.

The last thing I look for is that the agency keeps its site up to date. Now this again may seem a bit odd and not normal but it comes down to one simple thing if a site does not keep up to date then most likely the pictures of their companions are outdated and I am not going to get what I see. Simply put I want what I see in the images and if a site has not updated in say 6-months then the images displayed have not been updated in at least 6-months. Now this is not necessarily the worst thing as the companion may not have changed at all but most likely she has changes in some form or another.   
After taking them 3 points and going out looking for the perfect companion I eventually found an agency that could provide me with a escort who met all the points I have made. Well really the provided me with multiple options. This agency is call Ibiza Escort Agency. I was happily surprised when I discovered their website as all of their companions were amazing and have some amazing reviews. So I will certainly be booking my Ibiza escort from Ibiza Escort Agency when I go on holiday. If you would like to see what I mean then make sure to check out their website which can be found at the following address: http://www.ibizaescortagency.com/  

Monday, 20 April 2015

Top Tips to spicing up your marriage

If you are a married man or woman and are looking to spice up your married life then here are a few tips that we have picked up over the years to help ensure you keep your day to day married life enjoyable and spontaneous. There are many things you can do to keep your sex life fresh and exciting, it is important to keep an open and understanding relationship with your partner to know their thoughts and establish where their boundaries are. There are some more adventurous advice than others it it is important to push each others comfort zones to reach new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

We all know that after you've been married for a number of years its only natural that levels of intimacy begin to drop and the amount of sex couples have often decreases. A great way to set this right and reignite the lovers flame is to set yourself a month of sex, so that means getting busy every day for a full month. But it is very important to mix things up to keep things exciting such as giving your partner a peep show, teasing them in mild foreplay around the bedroom or sending your partner an erotic text to leave them getting hot under the collar and building up the tension. Here is a list of some ideas to help you plan your 31 days of sex.

Get Creative! Introduce more aspects to your sex life. find out what your partner likes and try things like role play and dressing up which allows you release the shackles of your conventional methods and be anyone you want to be inside the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to try toys in all shapes and sizes, they are not here to take over but to assist in the art of love making. Whether its to help get you in the mood or speed up foreplay they are great and affordable way to spark life back into your sex life.

A holiday is an excellent way of relaxing and getting back to your simple roots and pleasures and also provides the opportunity to reassess what it is important to you. It can also massively help putting a spark in your sex life whether that means a quickie on the beach or simply just a wild night in your hotel room. If your partner is open and experimental, why not introduce another couple for some variety and to learn and share your techniques. Couple VIP are one such couple escorts, who are experts in the art of marital advice and sex tips.You can be sure that an evening with these Paris couple escorts.

Thursday, 2 April 2015

The Day Of A High Class Companion

Have you ever wondered what the day of a high class escort is like? Many of our ladies are professionals, students, models and entrepreneurs. Many of them work just part time.

The career of a high class model requires investing a lot of time and effort to keep their mind and body in perfect shape. They may start their day very early at the gym, military fitness classes, jogging in the park or in a pilates class.

Heading back home, a high class girl will enjoy a healthy breakfast whilst catching up with current affairs in the Guardian, Independent or Financial Times and then onto a fashion update from Vogue.
Next the working day starts with classes on campus, model castings or brunch with venture capitalists or potential clients, maybe even English classes. Between classes or business meetings you might see the girls heading for a pedicure, spa treatment or the swimming pool.

The spring evenings are spent sipping rose wine on a friend's fashionable Mayfair balcony watching the commuters frantic in the rush hour, or relaxing with a book at a cafe over a jasmin bubble tea.
Back at home, the ladies will prepare for a potential romantic evening dinner date in Chelsea, an exclusive member's party in Marylebone, or a late night clubbing in Mayfair.

When the weekend arrives they are probably already looking forward to an arranged booking in Dubai, the south of France or Bermuda.
To see our international elite ladies available today check our gallery at http://www.very-highend.com/gallery

Monday, 30 March 2015

Stunning High Class Girl in London

So I recently made another trip down to London and this time I wanted to change up the escort company I went with. I didn’t want to go for the same old thing I wanted something new and refreshing something I could really enjoy and still relax knowing all of my details were safe. So after a while goggling and reading a few blogs I came across the wonderful Gold VIP. The first I noticed when looking at some of their girls was the standard they set themselves to it was out of this world. All of the girls on their website were at a standard a man could only dream about. So I quickly made my decision and picked the girl I wanted. http://www.carmenssecrets.com/gallery

 Once I had picked the girl I wanted it was a simple task of booking her and getting her to meet me at the restaurant I had picked out. The restaurant I had chosen was Michelin-starred French restaurant Chez Bruce. This restaurant is nothing to fight with its high class food made it a perfect place to take my high class escort. By the way the girl that I had chosen to spend my night with was the amazing Angelina. Angelina was a 19 year old who had to be the best looking 19 year old I had ever seen.

So when it was time to enjoy are night together Angelina met me at the restaurant on time and was looking stunning. She was wearing a long black dress that fit her perfectly and had put her hair up which just made her look stunning. As she was heading over to the table she played it very cool looking very shy to give the look as if she was nervous. All of the guys in the restaurant stopped and stared and envied me as she sat down at my table. We had an amazing night wining and dining and after the meal we spent some time together which was unforgettable.

If you want to book Angelina or any of Gold VIP’s other girls then check out their website I will leave some pictures of Angelina so you can see what I mean when I say they truly a high class agency. http://www.carmenssecrets.com/

Thursday, 19 February 2015

Meeting With Nottingham Escorts

I tend to do a lot of travelling with my job, I also like to book escorts at the various places that I end up visiting. Now I had never been to Nottingham before, but the other week I had a early morning meeting there so decided to book a hotel for the night before. I also had my mind set on booking a companion for the evening meal and then maybe to come up to my room afterwards. A quick search on Google helped me discover a great Nottingham escort agency called Bohemia, the reviews were certainly very good however I wasn't too optimistic, but the evening couldn't have gone better and the girl I booked, Ashley was just amazing! I have included a few photos of her below that I have taken from the agency website.

So I met Ashley in the hotel Restaurant at around 8pm, I had asked that she wore something nice, as the restaurant was quite up market, and she certainly didn't let me down, she wore a mid length dress that was very classy indeed but showed just enough to leave you wanting more! We enjoyed a lovely meal, the food was great, the service was even better and the vibe was amazing, we chatted like old friends, even though we had only just met. These Nottingham escorts certainly aren't just a pretty face, they are really great girls to enter into intellectual and interesting conversations with. After the meal, I asked if she wanted to come up to my room for some private time together, she of course agreed and we headed up. Ashley left at around 11pm and I must confess thoose 5 hours to being some of the best I have ever had, I had such an enjoyable time, if not a little tired for my meeting!

Monday, 16 February 2015

This week I was down in London

This week I was down in London to check up on some property that I own, I bought 7 apartments when I worked in London as an investment and rented them out, I was working for The Bank of America at the time and found that I had an abundance of cash left over after bonus time, I tried to spend as much of it as I could, women, cars, clothes and partying but there was still so much left over.

A photograph of London City.
London, England, United Kingdom
With what was left over I decided that I would invest for my future, with that much partying I can’t believe that I thought that I would actually have a future!

Getting a mortgage was no problem at all, I was head of a department and the brightest rising star, I worked my arse off and got rewarded very well.

London Escorts Experience

That’s how I bought these flats and why I was in London, I normally come down about once a month and always end up staying, normally booking myself an escort to come and visit me and we have a lot of fun together. I have always seen escorts but I only ever see ones in London, elsewhere the standard is no way as good and therefore pointless.

A photograph taken outside the Mayfair Hotel.
The Mayfair Hotel, London
So this time in London I was staying at The Mayfair Hotel and was finished up a little earlier than I thought, I was back in my room for 2:30 pm and bored. I took a look on a website called Backpage, loads of escort agencies advertise there and I saw this advert for escorts in Mayfair  - where I was staying.

My first time at the London Escort Agency

The advert belonged to a London escort Agency called Dior Escorts and I called them up, with 30 minutes I had this stunning brunette called Nicole at my door, £200 for the hour £30 for the cab fare and £50 for a level – wow what an hour I had with her. 

After she left I called the agency to tell them just how great she was and that I would be wanting another escort later on so keep my details on file. I looked through their agency website and found another girl called Amanda who I just had to see, I booked her for an hour when she turned up I was knocked off my feet!
A photograph taken of Amanda from Dior Escorts.
Amanda, Dior Escorts
In the end, Amanda stayed for 12 hours, we spent the entire night having a party and some great playing, I couldn’t believe just how lucky I was and had to book the room for the next day as I couldn’t get out of bed!
Even though I have retired for the bank it still seems that I can party with the best of them!

Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Weekend break with a Manchester escort

For professional gentlemen who have high powered corporate careers a weekend break can be something of a rarity. When the opportunity does arise to spend a weekend in the lap of luxury relaxing with the mobile switched off and the diary left at home, the company of beautiful woman will make the weekend sensational. When choosing a beautiful woman to spend the weekend with Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company are the most sought after ladies in the country. 

Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company are beautiful, well-educated and witty, these ladies are no ordinary escorts, they are of the highest calibre and are experts in the art of seduction.
The experienced booking team at the Exclusive Company office will ensure they find the perfect companion for a naughty but nice weekend of relaxation and ecstasy. Gentlemen usually want to meet for a rendezvous prior to the weekend, you can meet in one of Manchester’s exclusive bars and become better acquainted over a glass of champagne, the Cloud Bar, Beet ham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ, is perfect. After meeting one of the Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company, the weekend break will be in high anticipation.

What can be expected from a weekend with a Manchester escort? Exclusive Company Manchester escorts are no ordinary ladies, they have beauty, brains and charisma and will have you captivated all weekend long. When you arrive at your luxury destination with your chosen lady she will make you feel completely comfortable in her company. With her beautiful smile, charm and sense of humour any nerves will completely disappear and you will embark on a weekend that will forever be at the forefront of your mind. Once you leave your hotel suite with your delicious lady a meal at a top restaurant is a must, relax and refuel with some delectable food and some heady cocktails and prepare yourselves for a weekend of pure unadulterated pleasure.   
During the day take your lady to the beach, just imagine her fantastic body in a sexy little bikini, you will be the envy of all. Lay back, relax and soak up the warmth from the sun with your Exclusive Company Manchester escort. Sightseeing, strolling through city streets, soaking up the culture, eating fine food, drinking beautiful wine, whatever you wish to do an Exclusive Lady will heighten the experience. The weekend will pass in a moment and gentlemen often want to extend their stay as two nights simply isn’t enough. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Brand New London Escort Agency

There are always new escort agencies popping up in the rankings of Google, but knowing which ones are any good and going to stay in the rankings is sometimes a bit of a challenge. I have recently come across a new agency that from what I can tell are very good indeed! Their name is Dior Escorts and they offer one of the most diverse selections of London Escorts services available in London.

There are many reasons why I like this London escort agency so much, all to do with the girls that they have available to the great customer service and discretion that they offer to their customers. I have included some photos below of the girls from their site so you can see just how beautiful they are;
A photograph taken of the beautiful Anna from Dior Escorts.
Anna - Dior Escorts
A photograph taken of Anna from Dior Escorts posing on a private Plane.
London Escort - Dior Escorts
I booked the gorgeous young lady on the left a couple of weeks ago, her name is Sophi, and I must say she is one of the most interesting people to spend time with. Sophi has done a lot of travelling, so has loads of funny and fascinating stories to tell, she also has an amazing sense of humour, it really did seem like we were old pals laughing all night long.

A photograph taken of Sophi from Dior Escorts.
Sophi - Dior Escorts
We started off at a really nice restaurant that I had picked out called Medlar as I had been told that high-class London escorts like Sophi loved to be wined and dined! We then headed out to hit some night clubs and bars, which I must admit was a lot of fun being seen with such an attractive young women!
A professional photograph taken of Sophi from Dior Escorts.
Dior Escorts - Escort Sophi
After our evening of fine wine, fine dining and dancing we got a taxi back to my hotel for some more private fun, I did promise this sexy London escort that I wouldn't share the details of our encounter, so if you want to find out more, I would seriously recommend bookings this sexy escort in London.