Tuesday, 27 January 2015

Weekend break with a Manchester escort

For professional gentlemen who have high powered corporate careers a weekend break can be something of a rarity. When the opportunity does arise to spend a weekend in the lap of luxury relaxing with the mobile switched off and the diary left at home, the company of beautiful woman will make the weekend sensational. When choosing a beautiful woman to spend the weekend with Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company are the most sought after ladies in the country. 

Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company are beautiful, well-educated and witty, these ladies are no ordinary escorts, they are of the highest calibre and are experts in the art of seduction.
The experienced booking team at the Exclusive Company office will ensure they find the perfect companion for a naughty but nice weekend of relaxation and ecstasy. Gentlemen usually want to meet for a rendezvous prior to the weekend, you can meet in one of Manchester’s exclusive bars and become better acquainted over a glass of champagne, the Cloud Bar, Beet ham Tower, 303 Deansgate, Manchester, M3 4LQ, is perfect. After meeting one of the Manchester escorts from Exclusive Company, the weekend break will be in high anticipation.

What can be expected from a weekend with a Manchester escort? Exclusive Company Manchester escorts are no ordinary ladies, they have beauty, brains and charisma and will have you captivated all weekend long. When you arrive at your luxury destination with your chosen lady she will make you feel completely comfortable in her company. With her beautiful smile, charm and sense of humour any nerves will completely disappear and you will embark on a weekend that will forever be at the forefront of your mind. Once you leave your hotel suite with your delicious lady a meal at a top restaurant is a must, relax and refuel with some delectable food and some heady cocktails and prepare yourselves for a weekend of pure unadulterated pleasure.   
During the day take your lady to the beach, just imagine her fantastic body in a sexy little bikini, you will be the envy of all. Lay back, relax and soak up the warmth from the sun with your Exclusive Company Manchester escort. Sightseeing, strolling through city streets, soaking up the culture, eating fine food, drinking beautiful wine, whatever you wish to do an Exclusive Lady will heighten the experience. The weekend will pass in a moment and gentlemen often want to extend their stay as two nights simply isn’t enough. 

Thursday, 8 January 2015

Brand New London Escort Agency

There are always new escort agencies popping up in the rankings of Google, but knowing which ones are any good and going to stay in the rankings is sometimes a bit of a challenge. I have recently come across a new agency that from what I can tell are very good indeed! Their name is Dior Escorts and they offer one of the most diverse selections of London Escorts services available in London.

There are many reasons why I like this London escort agency so much, all to do with the girls that they have available to the great customer service and discretion that they offer to their customers. I have included some photos below of the girls from their site so you can see just how beautiful they are;
A photograph taken of the beautiful Anna from Dior Escorts.
Anna - Dior Escorts
A photograph taken of Anna from Dior Escorts posing on a private Plane.
London Escort - Dior Escorts
I booked the gorgeous young lady on the left a couple of weeks ago, her name is Sophi, and I must say she is one of the most interesting people to spend time with. Sophi has done a lot of travelling, so has loads of funny and fascinating stories to tell, she also has an amazing sense of humour, it really did seem like we were old pals laughing all night long.

A photograph taken of Sophi from Dior Escorts.
Sophi - Dior Escorts
We started off at a really nice restaurant that I had picked out called Medlar as I had been told that high-class London escorts like Sophi loved to be wined and dined! We then headed out to hit some night clubs and bars, which I must admit was a lot of fun being seen with such an attractive young women!
A professional photograph taken of Sophi from Dior Escorts.
Dior Escorts - Escort Sophi
After our evening of fine wine, fine dining and dancing we got a taxi back to my hotel for some more private fun, I did promise this sexy London escort that I wouldn't share the details of our encounter, so if you want to find out more, I would seriously recommend bookings this sexy escort in London.