Thursday, 19 February 2015

Meeting With Nottingham Escorts

I tend to do a lot of travelling with my job, I also like to book escorts at the various places that I end up visiting. Now I had never been to Nottingham before, but the other week I had a early morning meeting there so decided to book a hotel for the night before. I also had my mind set on booking a companion for the evening meal and then maybe to come up to my room afterwards. A quick search on Google helped me discover a great Nottingham escort agency called Bohemia, the reviews were certainly very good however I wasn't too optimistic, but the evening couldn't have gone better and the girl I booked, Ashley was just amazing! I have included a few photos of her below that I have taken from the agency website.

So I met Ashley in the hotel Restaurant at around 8pm, I had asked that she wore something nice, as the restaurant was quite up market, and she certainly didn't let me down, she wore a mid length dress that was very classy indeed but showed just enough to leave you wanting more! We enjoyed a lovely meal, the food was great, the service was even better and the vibe was amazing, we chatted like old friends, even though we had only just met. These Nottingham escorts certainly aren't just a pretty face, they are really great girls to enter into intellectual and interesting conversations with. After the meal, I asked if she wanted to come up to my room for some private time together, she of course agreed and we headed up. Ashley left at around 11pm and I must confess thoose 5 hours to being some of the best I have ever had, I had such an enjoyable time, if not a little tired for my meeting!

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