Monday, 16 February 2015

This week I was down in London

This week I was down in London to check up on some property that I own, I bought 7 apartments when I worked in London as an investment and rented them out, I was working for The Bank of America at the time and found that I had an abundance of cash left over after bonus time, I tried to spend as much of it as I could, women, cars, clothes and partying but there was still so much left over.

A photograph of London City.
London, England, United Kingdom
With what was left over I decided that I would invest for my future, with that much partying I can’t believe that I thought that I would actually have a future!

Getting a mortgage was no problem at all, I was head of a department and the brightest rising star, I worked my arse off and got rewarded very well.

London Escorts Experience

That’s how I bought these flats and why I was in London, I normally come down about once a month and always end up staying, normally booking myself an escort to come and visit me and we have a lot of fun together. I have always seen escorts but I only ever see ones in London, elsewhere the standard is no way as good and therefore pointless.

A photograph taken outside the Mayfair Hotel.
The Mayfair Hotel, London
So this time in London I was staying at The Mayfair Hotel and was finished up a little earlier than I thought, I was back in my room for 2:30 pm and bored. I took a look on a website called Backpage, loads of escort agencies advertise there and I saw this advert for escorts in Mayfair  - where I was staying.

My first time at the London Escort Agency

The advert belonged to a London escort Agency called Dior Escorts and I called them up, with 30 minutes I had this stunning brunette called Nicole at my door, £200 for the hour £30 for the cab fare and £50 for a level – wow what an hour I had with her. 

After she left I called the agency to tell them just how great she was and that I would be wanting another escort later on so keep my details on file. I looked through their agency website and found another girl called Amanda who I just had to see, I booked her for an hour when she turned up I was knocked off my feet!
A photograph taken of Amanda from Dior Escorts.
Amanda, Dior Escorts
In the end, Amanda stayed for 12 hours, we spent the entire night having a party and some great playing, I couldn’t believe just how lucky I was and had to book the room for the next day as I couldn’t get out of bed!
Even though I have retired for the bank it still seems that I can party with the best of them!

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