Monday, 30 March 2015

Stunning High Class Girl in London

So I recently made another trip down to London and this time I wanted to change up the escort company I went with. I didn’t want to go for the same old thing I wanted something new and refreshing something I could really enjoy and still relax knowing all of my details were safe. So after a while goggling and reading a few blogs I came across the wonderful Gold VIP. The first I noticed when looking at some of their girls was the standard they set themselves to it was out of this world. All of the girls on their website were at a standard a man could only dream about. So I quickly made my decision and picked the girl I wanted.

 Once I had picked the girl I wanted it was a simple task of booking her and getting her to meet me at the restaurant I had picked out. The restaurant I had chosen was Michelin-starred French restaurant Chez Bruce. This restaurant is nothing to fight with its high class food made it a perfect place to take my high class escort. By the way the girl that I had chosen to spend my night with was the amazing Angelina. Angelina was a 19 year old who had to be the best looking 19 year old I had ever seen.

So when it was time to enjoy are night together Angelina met me at the restaurant on time and was looking stunning. She was wearing a long black dress that fit her perfectly and had put her hair up which just made her look stunning. As she was heading over to the table she played it very cool looking very shy to give the look as if she was nervous. All of the guys in the restaurant stopped and stared and envied me as she sat down at my table. We had an amazing night wining and dining and after the meal we spent some time together which was unforgettable.

If you want to book Angelina or any of Gold VIP’s other girls then check out their website I will leave some pictures of Angelina so you can see what I mean when I say they truly a high class agency.

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