Monday, 20 April 2015

Top Tips to spicing up your marriage

If you are a married man or woman and are looking to spice up your married life then here are a few tips that we have picked up over the years to help ensure you keep your day to day married life enjoyable and spontaneous. There are many things you can do to keep your sex life fresh and exciting, it is important to keep an open and understanding relationship with your partner to know their thoughts and establish where their boundaries are. There are some more adventurous advice than others it it is important to push each others comfort zones to reach new levels of pleasure and intimacy.

We all know that after you've been married for a number of years its only natural that levels of intimacy begin to drop and the amount of sex couples have often decreases. A great way to set this right and reignite the lovers flame is to set yourself a month of sex, so that means getting busy every day for a full month. But it is very important to mix things up to keep things exciting such as giving your partner a peep show, teasing them in mild foreplay around the bedroom or sending your partner an erotic text to leave them getting hot under the collar and building up the tension. Here is a list of some ideas to help you plan your 31 days of sex.

Get Creative! Introduce more aspects to your sex life. find out what your partner likes and try things like role play and dressing up which allows you release the shackles of your conventional methods and be anyone you want to be inside the bedroom. Don’t be afraid to try toys in all shapes and sizes, they are not here to take over but to assist in the art of love making. Whether its to help get you in the mood or speed up foreplay they are great and affordable way to spark life back into your sex life.

A holiday is an excellent way of relaxing and getting back to your simple roots and pleasures and also provides the opportunity to reassess what it is important to you. It can also massively help putting a spark in your sex life whether that means a quickie on the beach or simply just a wild night in your hotel room. If your partner is open and experimental, why not introduce another couple for some variety and to learn and share your techniques. Couple VIP are one such couple escorts, who are experts in the art of marital advice and sex tips.You can be sure that an evening with these Paris couple escorts.

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