Tuesday, 26 May 2015

3 Things to help find the perfect companion

Lately me and a friend of mine have been discussing what makes a good agency and we came up with a list of 3 things which we figured are the best. These things are personally what me and a friend think and are completely up for discussion. If you think anything else should be added or one of the points that I have made should be removed then message me your opinion and I will take it into discussion. Now for this you can call case study I took all of my requirements and put them to use somewhere out of my comfort zone.

I live in the UK but I wanted to see if all of the points I put across can translate to different places around the world. So I decided I was going to try and find the perfect agency in Ibiza. This is plainly down to the fact I was about to take a holiday there.

So the three points that I look for an agency are simple, the first thing I look for in an agency is simply good looking companions. Now this is pretty self-explanatory and many people look for this when booking a companion as the whole point of booking an escort is to spend an amazing evening with a stunning women. Now an agency has to be able to provide me with not only stunning companions but ones who are go the extra mile. Its fine to look stunning but I prefer a women to not just simply look amazing but go the extra mile to make sure to looks better.

The next point we came up with is that a companion must have some good reviews. Now this one may seem a little weird to you but to me it makes perfect sense, basically if I am going to spend however much it is to spend an hour with one of these companions then I want to be able to know she is worth it. There is no other way than simply checking out some of the reviews that have been left as these are a basically a honest none bias description of what the companion is like. So if I am going to book a companion then she better have some good reviews.

The last thing I look for is that the agency keeps its site up to date. Now this again may seem a bit odd and not normal but it comes down to one simple thing if a site does not keep up to date then most likely the pictures of their companions are outdated and I am not going to get what I see. Simply put I want what I see in the images and if a site has not updated in say 6-months then the images displayed have not been updated in at least 6-months. Now this is not necessarily the worst thing as the companion may not have changed at all but most likely she has changes in some form or another.   
After taking them 3 points and going out looking for the perfect companion I eventually found an agency that could provide me with a escort who met all the points I have made. Well really the provided me with multiple options. This agency is call Ibiza Escort Agency. I was happily surprised when I discovered their website as all of their companions were amazing and have some amazing reviews. So I will certainly be booking my Ibiza escort from Ibiza Escort Agency when I go on holiday. If you would like to see what I mean then make sure to check out their website which can be found at the following address: http://www.ibizaescortagency.com/  

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