Thursday, 25 February 2016

Know more about Warrington

Warrington is a beautiful village in the suburbs of Manchester to be more precise is a town situated 16 miles west Manchester with a population over 200.000 habitants makes this very desirable town for many people to business to come to here. This town was designed in 1968 and was one of the perfect main routes to connect the whole country from the west side, being almost the same distance either to Liverpool or Manchester this was perfect to make a link between both cities and with a river Mersey passing was a very important stop in the industrial revolution.

Nowadays Warrington is a town overwhelmed of industries specially distribution industry and this is done because in this town you have some of the most important motorways connecting the Scotland and the south (London) passing nearby, that’s why a huge agglomerate of transportation companies have preferred make Warrington as a stationary deco.

But Warrington is much more than that, first played its part in the Bronze Age where it was discover some archaeological evidences, then that was a great importance in the industrial revolution many places in north west England, and then in the WW2 it served as one of the largest airfield outside us soil for US Army Air Force.

Now is a town where you can have great time, with some great clubs and one in particular that every mount brings people from all over uk to Warrington town centre, this make the perfect place where you can book one the sexy Warrington escorts from Olivia James. This is a agency that offer companionship services for whole north west with a great group of sexy escorts this makes it one that best agencies where you can book sexy and sophisticated escorts, have a look at the website and if you have any question please feel free to get in touch with them.

Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Writing on a Plane

I am sitting writing this on a plane , while sitting next to a young man whom is making me really think hard about why I look after myself.
I am dressed rather casual - I have never done this before on a flight but the thought of skin tight jeans and sitting down for 4 hours just doesn't gel with me, I have a nave blue, well fitting tracksuit on, navy blue and gold Nike Airs of course my accessories are all on point as well, what would you expect, I do own a London Escort agency, I am wearing a white gold Yatch Master  11- a beautiful watch which looks very much like a stainless steel watch unless that it unless you know. Let's all remember "if you know you know" , I have my beautiful diamond ring in and the classic yellow gold Cartier Bangle - diamonds of course.

 I have done casual but it's not really what most would call casual , it may look like I have put no effort in but the truth be told, again there are some that will know this, a lot of effort has gone into this look. 

My companion for this trip is Renata, a beautiful brunette London Escort, this lady ozzes class and unlike myself she has opted for jeans, her beauty has taken over the aircraft. My young neighbour can't help but cast an awarded glance, I can tell that this young man has never been in the company of such a beautiful and well groomed woman, I think hours of Internet porn have sent him blind!! His glasses are rather thick.

I have had a few days off, my London Escort agency has been left in very good hands, some of the girls have said how jealous they are that Renata is the one that I have chosen to take away, a holiday with a bit of winter sun, I have no temptation to try out winter sports like skiing, it just doesn't appeal to me. I am going to spend the next few days laying on a white sand beach, the sun beating down on me and the waves Lapp g at my feet. I have the perfect companion, Renata has the best body of any escort I have ever sent time with. Her bikini body is on point - that's the term she used and if the truth be told she has under stated it a little. 

We will be landing at our destination in under 3 hours, all going well we will be at our hotel room 90 mins later and within 10 minutes after that I will be pulling at her thing with my teeth. Like many men I have a rather big foot fetish when it comes to London escorts, I love to see women in high heels and Renata has painted her toes red for me this week.

I am going to post this article to one of our blogs , a blog which will of course be about the exploits of all the ladies that appear on and have out London Escort Agency represent them, we have built such a great following because what we offer is the perfect service. I can holiday safe in the knowledge that each of my customers will be returning and that while I am laying on a beach - somewhere in the world, my company, my escort agency will be bringing joy to hundreds of Londoners!! 

Tuesday, 16 February 2016

Why You Should Book a Tantric Massage in London

There are so many reasons why you might want to book a tantric massage in London and there are so many benefits to doing so. This is clearly reflected by the quickly increasing popularity of this art, which is causing many new agencies such as Bliss Tantric to appear and become successful in this industry. Tantric massage comes from a few different schools of massage and was developed in the 80’s by a German man known as Andro Andreas Rothe. Tantric massage utilizes various elements of sexual therapy and yoga to help couple relaxation and the therapeutic confrontation of sexual issues to help improve your own well-being with the assistance of a gorgeous tantric masseuse.

There are many benefits to receiving a tantric massage, such as increasing your self-control, which can obviously beneficial for a number of reasons. It has also been known to help with emotional healing and helping people increase their self-esteem and achieve a higher feeling of self-worth. Tantric massage is largely based on controlling your breathing, which is a very important part of controlling a lot of bodily responses as well as helping to calm you and help you relax, which can be used in many situations ranging from the bedroom to being stressed at work.

If you’re going to book for a tantric massage however, it’s important to prepare accordingly. Book a classy and clean hotel room, as this will heighten the experience and help you ensure that you can relax in a safe and comfortable environment. This will really help your choice of tantric masseuse work to the best of her ability as well as helping you feel the full effects of your massage. A hotel room at a hotel such as the Kensington Park Grand hotel, or even better, the Ritz would be a perfect place to carry out your booking, so don’t be afraid to spend a little extra.