Thursday, 25 February 2016

Know more about Warrington

Warrington is a beautiful village in the suburbs of Manchester to be more precise is a town situated 16 miles west Manchester with a population over 200.000 habitants makes this very desirable town for many people to business to come to here. This town was designed in 1968 and was one of the perfect main routes to connect the whole country from the west side, being almost the same distance either to Liverpool or Manchester this was perfect to make a link between both cities and with a river Mersey passing was a very important stop in the industrial revolution.

Nowadays Warrington is a town overwhelmed of industries specially distribution industry and this is done because in this town you have some of the most important motorways connecting the Scotland and the south (London) passing nearby, that’s why a huge agglomerate of transportation companies have preferred make Warrington as a stationary deco.

But Warrington is much more than that, first played its part in the Bronze Age where it was discover some archaeological evidences, then that was a great importance in the industrial revolution many places in north west England, and then in the WW2 it served as one of the largest airfield outside us soil for US Army Air Force.

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