Tuesday, 23 February 2016

Writing on a Plane

I am sitting writing this on a plane , while sitting next to a young man whom is making me really think hard about why I look after myself.
I am dressed rather casual - I have never done this before on a flight but the thought of skin tight jeans and sitting down for 4 hours just doesn't gel with me, I have a nave blue, well fitting tracksuit on, navy blue and gold Nike Airs of course my accessories are all on point as well, what would you expect, I do own a London Escort agency, I am wearing a white gold Yatch Master  11- a beautiful watch which looks very much like a stainless steel watch unless that it unless you know. Let's all remember "if you know you know" , I have my beautiful diamond ring in and the classic yellow gold Cartier Bangle - diamonds of course.

 I have done casual but it's not really what most would call casual , it may look like I have put no effort in but the truth be told, again there are some that will know this, a lot of effort has gone into this look. 

My companion for this trip is Renata, a beautiful brunette London Escort, this lady ozzes class and unlike myself she has opted for jeans, her beauty has taken over the aircraft. My young neighbour can't help but cast an awarded glance, I can tell that this young man has never been in the company of such a beautiful and well groomed woman, I think hours of Internet porn have sent him blind!! His glasses are rather thick.

I have had a few days off, my London Escort agency has been left in very good hands, some of the girls have said how jealous they are that Renata is the one that I have chosen to take away, a holiday with a bit of winter sun, I have no temptation to try out winter sports like skiing, it just doesn't appeal to me. I am going to spend the next few days laying on a white sand beach, the sun beating down on me and the waves Lapp g at my feet. I have the perfect companion, Renata has the best body of any escort I have ever sent time with. Her bikini body is on point - that's the term she used and if the truth be told she has under stated it a little. 

We will be landing at our destination in under 3 hours, all going well we will be at our hotel room 90 mins later and within 10 minutes after that I will be pulling at her thing with my teeth. Like many men I have a rather big foot fetish when it comes to London escorts, I love to see women in high heels and Renata has painted her toes red for me this week.

I am going to post this article to one of our blogs , a blog which will of course be about the exploits of all the ladies that appear on and have out London Escort Agency represent them, we have built such a great following because what we offer is the perfect service. I can holiday safe in the knowledge that each of my customers will be returning and that while I am laying on a beach - somewhere in the world, my company, my escort agency will be bringing joy to hundreds of Londoners!! 

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