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Punting in London: A guide to hiring escorts in UK's capital

Bruna, an escort who can be hired in London
Source is Bruna independent London escort

When you are punting in London and hunting for that elusive London escort encounter that is just perfection, it can be a very arduous and frustrating process. So today, I shall go into the finer details of setting up an escort appointment in London. This article will hopefully encourage and enlighten clients about London Punting, and give some informative advice on how to go about booking escorts in London. If you are interested in setting up a meeting with a London escort, reading this guide may give you some sound advice that you haven't heard before!

Punting in London
If you are seeking an escort incall or outcall in London, the first thing to bear in mind is that there are countless competing escort agencies and independent girls which can be found on For example, a simple query in Google for 'London escorts' brings up several intriguing results:
  1. Position 1: Backpage = 
  2. Position 2: 1 escorts =
  3. Position 3: Angels of London =
As an individual who spends a lot of time booking escorts I must say that these first 3 results are awful. Try booking an escort through 1 escorts or angels of London. Both of them are terrible places to book escorts. The only result in the top 3 for 'London escorts' worth using is Backpage. Out of these top 3 Google results, only 1 of them is a potential option when it comes to booking a punt in London. What does this mean? This means that you cannot always trust Google or your favorite online search engine. Proceeding with this knowledge means that the next time you search for some 'escorts in London' or whatever query you use, you must take it with a grain of salt. The only escort agencies you can really trust are the agencies that you have booked with before or the verified ones on trustworthy sites like the erotic review.

London supermodel escort
Source is Roxy independent worldwide companion.

A London escort encounter
Going forward, we should now understand that search results aren't always going to direct you to the best places to hire London escorts. Because of this, if you want to set up the best London escort encounter possible, it's vital to do your research. What I mean by this is if you want to book a companion without anything going wrong, you must put the time and effort into ensuring your experience goes smoothly. To maximize the chance that meeting your escort is a pleasurable and worthwhile investment of your time takes a little bit of knowledge, common sense, and wisdom. Here's some advice and precautions from us at adultpage to take into account when next booking London escorts:
  • Always pick out a plethora of results when beginning your search. The best way to find a good independent or agency London escort is to pick out a bunch of results and slowly eliminate the bad ones one by one.
  • Once you have narrowed down your search to 2 or 3 escort websites or independent escorts, the next step is to begin contacting each one. The best advice here is to be slightly impertinent. When you ring up your agency or independent girl in London, be polite but also be on topic. If you want a GFE experience with a specific 5'6 brunette with an hourglass figure, be prepared to ask for it. If you don't set your prerequisites when contacting London escort agencies or independents, you are essentially allowing them to send whatever girl they want to your door.
  • If you have found and contacted an escort provider that you can trust, then it's on you. If you end up meeting her and things go horribly which isn't uncommon for picky punters, then you need to learn from the experience and do better research next time. Anyone incorporating an acceptable amount of research into booking escorts is far more likely to have an enjoyable encounter than somebody who doesn't put any effort in. Try it for yourself!
An elite London escort
Source is Suzanne independent London escort.

In conclusion: Put in the time to get the best London escorts
Out of the countless times I have booked escorts in London in the past, there is a distinct pattern that has arisen. Any time that I arrange an encounter on short notice for immediate gratification has a significant increase in the chance that something will go wrong. I have been chased by escorts with golf clubs because they decided to raise the rates halfway through the appointment, I have even had an escort steal my wallet while I was taking a pee.

At the end of the day, this kind of horrible situation has never occurred when I took the time to set up the perfect incall or outcall. When I go the extra mile to set up that phenomenal escort experience, I have never had a bad encounter. If you take this approach yourself, I am confident it will go the same way for you. Don't settle for a sub par London escort when you have such a wealth of girls at your fingertips. Be picky!

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