Thursday, 14 April 2016

Russian Baths - The New Best Location for Tantric Massage

You can now find the notorious Russian baths all over the world. Some offering the unique experience of mixing the relaxation of a conventional sauna with alcohol and after hour’s enjoyment. This mixture of party and sauna is somewhat unfamiliar to Westerners outside of the gay sauna scene. Iconic Russian bath experiences such as that in New York’s trendy East Village are a guaranteed exploration of the senses as hip, young locals meet you enjoy all the baths have to offer. The baths are known to host wild parties at night, frequented by the young and successful locals, as well as provide traditional relaxation during the day.

The Russian capital Moscow’s most famous baths is called Sandunovsky Bad. Located in the city’s Northwest, the bath is divided into men and women’s baths with first and second-class options. The bath is notable for it’s baroque interior and for providing each and every guest with a personal attendant to meet all your bathhouse needs (almost… more on that later). This is lucky as amongst the baths most famous historical clientele was Pushkin’s notoriously beautiful wife, Nataliya Goncharova. With no chance of catching a glimpse of a gorgeous young lady in Russia’s public bathhouses (unless you are a women yourself!) you may be more seduced by the option to enjoy an erotic aqua massage by own of our beautiful elite masseuses.

At Love Tantric London, all the girls on our books are trained to perform the art of tantric massage in watery conditions. So be that in the bathroom of their luxury home or your hotel, our girls will expertly employ the properties of water to relax and arouse you in the bath or shower. Hence providing the incredible Russian bath experience with an added eroticism in the piracy of a discreet central London location. Call or email Love Tantric London to arrange an aqua massage with of our beautiful girls.  

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