Friday, 2 February 2018

Top Things to Know Before Visiting the Leicester Jubilee Square Ice Rink

One of the major attractions in Leicester during the winters is the Jubilee Square Ice Rink. Some of the most important things that you should know before you visit the Jubilee Square Ice Rink in the city of Leicester are –

Get Your Warm Clothes Before You Leave

In this festive winter season, the Jubilee Square Ice Rink is one of the favourite places of attraction of the not only the residents but also the people living in and around the city of Leicester. The first thing to remember before you leave for the rink is to get yourself wrapped in the warm clothes to face the intense cold of the winter season. Hats, scarves and the puffa jackets are the most recommended items.

Arrive Fifteen Minutes Earlier to Your Session

You should always target to reach Jubilee Square fifteen minutes before the time of your session. This will allow you some time for the collection of the tickets and get your ice skates on. During this festive winter season, there is a huge crowd at the ice rink, and hence it is always recommended to reach the venue well in advance.

Going to the Box Office for Buying Tickets

If you have bought your tickets online and have them printed with you beforehand, then it is fine otherwise you need to head to the box office for purchasing the same. You should be very well aware of the fact that in the festive winter season the tickets are sold out in advance, so it is recommended to buy the tickets in advance to get a confirmed booking.

Thick Shocks are Advised

You should make sure that before coming to the ice rink, you have brought with you an extra pair of shocks that are fluffy. This will ensure that your feet are nice and comfortable so that you can show off your skating skills.

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Friday, 5 January 2018

The Top 3 Canary Wharf Escorts

Canary Wharf is actually one of the richest and nicest places in London and so living here definitely isn’t cheap, this may be down to the fact that the attractions and sights here are insanely beautiful and there is so much money flowing through due to it being one of the major business districts, it is actually one of the two main financial centres in London. Canary Wharf is located in greater London and it brings a huge amount of tourism here due to its flawless buildings and scenery.

If you are not already aware, the weather forecast for the next week in Canary Wharf is looking very average with bits of sunshine and temperatures reaching as high as 9 degrees so you may get chance to be outdoors. You could be sitting outside at a restaurant enjoying your favourite steak and washing it down with a luxurious glass of rose wine, but of course, you probably don’t want to dine alone?

Well, Mayfair Models can provide you with an answer to that one of course as we have a selection of beautiful and indulgent Canary Wharf escorts for you to choose from. You could take one of our finest girls out on a date allowing you to be comfortable and get to know your escort before you eventually go back to have some quiet time alone. If you are thinking where could I possibly take one of these gleaming girls out to eat then we can also help you out with that one.

Our number one recommendation would be that you take a trip to ‘Goodman’ located in Discovery Dock East, 3 South Quay, E14 9RU. We believe it is the finest steakhouse in all of Canary Wharf. The steaks here are so delicious and tender that it is literally heaven in your mouth. You may be looking for an expensive meal for two but you most certainly get what you paid for as the food is simply incredible. If you want to finish the night off in class and luxury you could even book a room for you and your escort at the Hilton hotel located south quay, Marsh Wall, E14 9SH. You could spend the rest of the evening in the lavishness executive lounge having a lovely drink with your Canary Wharf escort before making tracks to your hotel room where the rest is up to you both.

We are feeling generous today and we will recommend you our top 3 Canary Wharf escorts from Mayfair Models:

So in no particular order, we have…

This girl really fits the part well and her attraction level is insane! This beautiful blonde escort hits all the right notes and you will be in for a wild and exciting night with Annabelle.

Annabelle has petite and young body with a great set of long and desirable legs and a perfect 34C bust size, she has brown eyes and a cute size 8 dress size, she is an intelligent and flirty girl and you won’t be disappointed when booking Annabelle.

Next up we have…

Lindsey is such a charmer and a real sweet and beautiful girl and when she arrives at your door you will be glad you booked this hot babe. Lindsey has a slim size 6 figure and stands at just 5ft 1. She has a 34B bust and she is just 18 years of age making her one of the younger ladies at Mayfair Models agency.

Lindsey is a friendly, professional and flirtatious escort and you won’t be wanting her to leave anytime soon…

So last but not least we have…

Adele is a girl to admire and treasure as there really isn’t many women around who are like this gorgeous babe. Adele is a kind, loving and witty lady and she doesn’t struggle to hold a conversation. This bubbly babe has all the right attributes to please any man with her long, slim legs and 32B bust size and size 8 dress size.

We recommend Adele to the new and experienced punters and no matter what the occasion maybe you will be glad you booked her.

With the final Canary Wharf escort ticked of the list that is us done for the day! We hope you enjoyed our latest post and as always we thank you for sticking by and supporting our blog.